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Detailed Stained Glass Design Process Captures Artistic Vision

A proven stained glass design process ensures that the piece of art is developed to fit the vision and needs of each individual. Stained glass creations from C & P Glassworks are unique, one-of-a-kind creations that fit the customer’s needs and desires.

We start with a personal conversation, and perhaps a visit to your home or business, to visualize how the glass artwork will be used and displayed. We try to understand your vision for the composition, or suggest some initial drawing sketches to start creative ideas about the artwork.

Next, we develop a couple of computerized sketches, showing an overview of the image with colored sections for the various stained glass pieces. A restoration or repair project may require matching specific colors, textures, or patterns of glass; or a complete replacement of that specific section to retain the uniformity of the design.

Once the final design concept and glass types are approved, we begin the fabrication process below.

Stained Glass Design Process step 1

Initial Drawings and Templates

Once the design drawings are approved by the customer, we begin creating templates for the various shapes and element of the design. This will help with accurate placement for different colors of stained glass, as well as spacing required for the leading that connects everything together.

Stained Glass Design Process step 2

Glass Cutting

Based on the template shape, we begin cutting the many pieces of glass that will comprise each segment of the stained glass piece. These are precise cuts, laid out as a puzzle within each template, which will then be transferred to the assembly in future steps.

Stained Glass Design Process step 3

Framing and Installation

Depending on the type of design, specific framing or shaping techniques will be used to start assembling the colored glass pieces together. Leading installed in each stained glass portion prior to final assembly.

Stained Glass Design Process step 4

Final Assembly

Whether the project is a new stained glass design, a repair or restoration project, the final assembly is the last step that brings the vision of the piece together. A final cleaning and polishing, and the finished product is ready for display!

Stained Glass Design Process step 5

Long-Lasting, Beautiful Creations

With proper care and cleaning, stained glass creations have long-lasting value. Contact us to discuss how your custom glass windows should be cared for, especially in harsh Midwest weather conditions. We are ready to create a wonderful stained glass lamp, centerpiece vase, or other item that can be passed on to future generations!

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