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Stained Glass Repair Service and Window Restoration

Stained glass repair service may be required for many reasons. Breakage or break-down can happen over time due to weather conditions, or quite suddenly due to a stray softball or sudden hailstorm. Eventually, stained glass windows need some tender loving care. C & P Glassworks of Southeastern Michigan specializes in making the old look new and useful again, while carefully preserving the overall beauty and value of the stained glass window or featured item.

Stained Glass Repair Service and Window Restoration by CP Glassworks

Common problems associated with stained glass windows include:

  • Leakage
  • Sagging or bowing panels
  • Lead deterioration
  • Broken solder joints
  • Cracked or broken glass

First, the damage needs to be assessed to determine the best methods for repair.


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