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Michigan Stained Glass Design Service

People choose stained glass design for many reasons. C&P Glassworks of Southeastern Michigan has helped many in their vision and selection of just the right look for their building or special art project.

Designing beautiful stained-glass windows can help preserve historical aesthetics, blend the old with the new, or add an architectural, colorful feature to a contemporary setting. Many communities throughout the Midwest have a blend of architectural styles, in both residential and commercial buildings.

Adding color and style to your home or business with custom stained-glass windows is a time-honored feature that lasts for generations. Beautiful windows, door inserts and sidelights can make an impact in the entrance to your home, office, or local church building. Stained glass is also often used for mirrors, dividers and partitions, and cabinet doors.


Our Mission

We will create quality stained glass artwork or repair our customer’s own artwork to their satisfaction. The new artwork will be unique and will not be duplicated for any other customer.

Learn about Our Process and how easily you can add value to your home with custom stained glass windows, doors, mirrors, or other quality artistic pieces.

Custom Designs for Stained Glass Creations

What inspires you? Craig Pearson is a skilled craftsman who will interview you to determine what type of design features you are looking for in the artwork. You may be inspired by a painting, a favorite photograph, a special verse, or something more abstract.

A discussion about colors, patterns and textures in the glass help determine the visual aspects of the window or other stained glass creation. While a photo, image or drawing may be the starting point for inspiration, each piece is specifically designed with the colors and glass choices you select.

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We provide Stained Glass Design and Stained Glass Repairs and Restoration throughout Southern Michigan, Northwest Ohio, and Northeast Indiana.

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